Franchise Opportunities

Franchising is the natural strategic step to grow and replicate an appealing and profitable model.
For this reason, all new franchises receive the support required to open their restaurants rapidly and initial guidance to ensure an efficient operation thereafter.
The Lord of the Wings concept is the result of extensive research, creative planning and years of experience. We will put all this to work for you. Your successful launch is our priority too.

Common Questions

How is Lord of the Wings unique?
First concept specializing in chicken wings and build-your-own burgers in the Middle-East.        
What makes Lord of the Wings the best business opportunity?
- Unique restaurant concept in the Middle East
- Casual diner that resembles none, making it an enriching addition to any tenant mix
- Strong brand image and recognition among all ages and profiles alike
- Recognized as the local chicken wings and customizable-burgers leader in local and international reviews
- Corporate office based in Lebanon allowing for a more responsive support and a better understanding of the local regional culture
- A proven operating system that has been initially developed Franchisee in mind
- Comprehensive training programs covering all restaurant functions
- Superior customer service
- International purchasing power and distribution system
- Assistance with local site selection and schematic layouts for new stores
- Grand Opening assistance and on-going support
Who qualifies to be a potential franchisee?
Any person or entity capable of demonstrating full devotion to the business and financially able to develop a minimum number of outlets over a pre-determined period of time within one territory.
Where are the ideal locations for Lord of the Wings outlets?
The concept fits in high-traffic destinations: As stand-alones, in malls or on high streets. Any combination of the mentioned locations may also be a possibility.
What is the average size of a Lord of the Wings store?
Starting 100 square meters.
How long is the development process to open a store?
3-4 months from securing finance, location, and related permits.
What happens after I execute the franchise agreement?
- Site evaluation, selection and submittal for acceptance
- Pre-construction design
- Contract bidding, project managing and construction
- Off-site Training
- Order of Restaurant Equipment
- On-site Training
- Begin Local Store Marketing
- Grand Opening
What is your franchise fee?
Franchise Fees vary depending on the minimum number of outlets within each territory.
What is Lord of the Wings´ royalty rate?
To be discussed after the acceptance of the application.
What is the marketing contribution percentage?
To be discussed after the acceptance of the application.
Who are the founders of Lord of the Wings?
Joseph & Marc Moudabber
How can I contact you?
You can register your franchising interest by sending us an email to and we will answer you as soon as possible.


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How did you initially hear about Lord of the Wings?
Have you ever visited a Lord of the Wings outlet and where?
What territory(ies) are you looking to develop the Lord of the Wings franchise in?
Do you currently have one or more locations that you deem suitable for a Lord of the Wings outlet(s)? Please provide details.
How do you plan to finance the development of the Lord of the Wings franchise in your area?
Details of the persons responsible for the development and operation of Lord of the Wings franchise in the initial stage: (Name, Title / Position, Experience)
Why do you desire to join the Lord of the Wings franchisee team?
Why do you believe you are our best partner as a franchisee for the territory you are requesting?
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